Who we are?

RISM emerged in 2020 as a spin-off from RIAT, we felt the need to use our expertise developed over years in human care to create something that could help fight the Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to get out of the feeling of powerlessness and build something that would provide a relevant solution to the context of the pandemic. Moved by this spirit, we signed up for Hack for Brazil, an initiative that brought together thousands of Brazilian entrepreneurs from different places in the world, in this virtual event we met Fabricio Scariot, who became responsible for technological development. We were one of the winning ideas for Hack for Brazil. Then we were selected by the Startup Amazonas project, where we further refined our initial idea in a process of considerable learning. Today our project is a reality and we are starting to impact the society around us!

Company specialized in Human Care, operating in Brazil and Argentina, creating a new paradigm in Therapeutic Accompaniment and Caregiver services.

Psicóloga, Doutoranda em Psicologia Clínica da UCES, Diplomada em Rorschach (Escola Argentina), Acompanhante Terapêutica, especializada em Patologias Graves e Empreendedora

Especialista em simplicidade. Responsável por criar a equipe de engenharia, construir ótimos produtos, bem como fornecer soluções inovadoras. Liderando a inovação tecnológica na empresa.

Empreteco, Acompanhante Terapêutico especializado em Patologias Graves e Empreendedor. Estudante de Psicologia na Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), dedicado em tempo integral a RIAT.